Social Convergence is a not-for-profit consulting company working for social impact. We work with Corporates, NGO and Social Entrepreneurs in their journey on social impact. This include CSR programs, corporate volunteering programs etc.



We partner with corporates and help them to build a CSR strategy. We execute , measure impact and report on the CSR projects that we implement. We recognize that corporate volunteering is very important and a great employee engagement tool. To help corporates to develop a sustained volunteering programs.


Not-For-Profits / Social Entrepreneur

Social Convergence works with NGO’s and guide them in bringing corporate best practices into NGO’s. We help NGO’s in strategic thinking and helping them in balance score card implementation, leveraging technology, social media and program management.


Our value proposition

We bring in strong capability and understanding of the corporate sector and social sector. Our experience in technology , program management can we leveraged by NGO and Corporates for social impact.