AyurVaid Case Study

ayurvaid is partners of social convergence


                                                                   Case Study


AyurVAID Hospitals is the leader and pioneer in quality systems driven Ayurveda medical care. AyurVAID specialises in the treatment of serious chronic and non-communicable diseases across the disease spectrum. AyurVAID is  home to some of the most respected and experienced Ayurveda physicians in India who are not only experts in disease root cause diagnosis but also in carrying out the entire range of classical Ayurveda therapies (or chikitsa).

ayurvaid is partners of social convergence

Customer Requirements

Ayurvaid has been keen to leverage on digital channels as a medium for spreading awareness about Ayurvaid hospitals and Ayurveda as alternative medicine. They are also keen in increasing enquires on their website and eventually become the most well know brand for Ayurveda in Bangalore. To achieve that goal Ayurvaid asked Social Convergence to relook at their current website and redesign it using some of the new age representations and draw more audience and enquiries to the site. The goals are as follows:

  • Improve and enhance the web presence by redesigning the website
  • Attract enquiries on to the site as we draw more eyeballs
  • Provide content and thought leadership about Ayurveda.
  • Increase interactions


Social Convergence India Contribution

Social Convergence redesigned the website:

  • To increase enquiries and lead generation
  • Go-to site for the chronic diseases & select diseases
  • Go-to site for information relegated to Ayurveda and become thought leader in Healthcare.
  • Attract traffic for different type of people: Patients, Doctors, and Stakeholders
  • Ayurveda
  • Disease Specific


Collaboration platform between Doctors  & Patients

Overall, we designed a website to build and promote Ayurvaid brand. We made the website a strong advertising tool for the people who come to site and then make the decision to become a customer or a partner of the company. We kept the website interactive and engaging. Share success stories about how Ayurvaid has helped people and communities.


Customer Speak

Social Convergence (SC) has brought clarity of thought, breadth and depth of experience, blend of managerial and technology skills/perspectives to AyurVAID as we effect a strategic re-development of our website. Throughout our engagement we have seen the ability of the Social Convergence leaders to offer a 30,000 ft. perspective and instantaneously switch to the technical nitty-gritty of a problem. Strong process orientation, the ability to tap into an auxiliary network for special support, SC is a unique entity whose time has come! For any fast-growing or even nascent organisation, Alex, Suby, Neeraj, Sridhar, and their team are potentially a strong source of complementary and supplementary support. We have derived much value from our association with SC and strongly recommend them as worthy and able partners. And finally, the folks at SC are good people to work with, to be with!

Rajiv Vasudevan | Founder & CEO Ayurvaid Hospitals