Saahas Case Study

saahas is partners of social convergence                                                                                 

                                                                      Case Study


Saahas has been a pioneer in the space of raising awareness of the public and corporate on waste management and building a social entrepreneurship model around it. Over the years they have a good brand recall within the city and have a good a set of customers both in corporate and in the residential space.

saahas is partners of social convergence


Customer Requirements

Saahas wishes to the take the organization to the next level and leverage the brand and assets that they have built over time. To do that, the following areas need to be addressed:

  • Building an organization with key leadership and accountability.
  • Developing internal processes that are fairly robust and not so much people dependent
  • Develop a vigour in the business planning, development and execution


Social Convergence India Contribution

A Business process improvement plan, that suggests an organization structure with clear role definitions and also recommends changes in operational processes in order to achieve greater efficiency at work. We also helped in implementation of the recommended plan. In addition, we offered extended consultation and support thereafter.


The organizational areas for which we recommended detailed processes are:

  • Attendance tracking, reporting and reconciliation.
  • Process of proposal making by Business Development
  • Various operational processes including checklists, customer interfacing, complaint resolution, reporting of critical operations data, escalation matrices, documentation of Standard Operating Processes (SOP), adherence to SOPs and improving work efficiency.
  • Incentives
  • Inter-departmental working and resolving open issues