Social Convergence (SC) has brought clarity of thought, breadth and depth of experience, blend of managerial and technology skills/perspectives to AyurVAID as we effect a strategic re-development of our website. Throughout our engagement we have seen the ability of the Social Convergence leaders to offer a 30,000 ft. perspective and instantaneously switch to the technical nitty-gritty of a problem. Strong process orientation, the ability to tap into an auxiliary network for special support, SC is a unique entity whose time has come! For any fast-growing or even nascent organisation, Alex, Suby, Neeraj, Sridhar, and their team are potentially a strong source of complementary and supplementary support. We have derived much value from our association with SC and strongly recommend them as worthy and able partners. And finally, the folks at SC are good people to work with, to be with!

Rajiv Vasudevan | Founder & CEO Ayurvaid Hospitals

INSA-India registered as a Society and a trust in it's 34 years of existence was shocked out of the blue when the trusted donor for 28 years informed them that INSA-India will not be getting their funding support. The grand existence of a corporate level of office space with glass cabins and independent self contained work stations came crashing down. The staff strength of 25-30 got reduced to 9 staff out of which 2 are house keeping. Now all housed in a single room office with facilities sharing. With this back drop many consultants were approached to do the rescue operations. As said wisely the longest tunnel ends with dawn of light.... INSA-India was referred to Social Convergence for a rescue operations. Social Convergence took it up in earnest commitment with dedication and are in the process of sincerely navigating through the process of finding all the possible avenues towards sustainability of this organisation. We look forward to that days of the miracle which will happen eventually with the support of Social convergence.

Florence Jasmine David | Project Director, INSA